There isn’t much around Green Bay that says welcome to Titletown, at least that I can recall. Maybe a sign here and there.

But really nothing that says, hey, fuck you rest of the world, this is Titletown. Home of the Green Bay Packers.

That changed today.

The word Titletown went up in big letters on a smokestack downtown. It’s apparently part of the expansion of Titletown Brewing Co. You should be aware of them because they bought the receiver statue that used to sit outside the Brown County Arena when it was the Brown County Arena and housed the Packers Hall of Fame.

They had a painter turn that into a Donald Driver statue last summer.

We’re not sure how the smoke stack incorporates itself into Titletown Brewing. The business is located inside of an old railroad station along the river.

Maybe someone who lives in Green Bay could clue the rest of us in?