Tim Kurkjian sausage race

Hey, did you know that it’s BASEBALL season? You should know that it’s baseball season, at least if you live in Wisconsin, because it’s almost July and the Milwaukee Brewers are not 800 games out of first.

In fact, they’re IN FIRST! I know, as a lifelong Brewers fan, I am giddy.

And here is where I will point out that the Chicago Bears of MLB, the St. Louis Cardinals, can suck my fucking ass. Because I know you are wondering, the Chicago Cubs are the Minnesota Vikings of MLB for the same reason the Minnesota Vikings are the Minnesota Vikings.

Their shitbag fans.

Oh, and a whole lot of not winning helps.

Not that the Brewers have ever won a World Series, but still. They’re the good guys. The small market team that (once in a while) could. Almost…

But anyway, since there’s jack shit going on with the Green Bay Packers today and I just got back from Phoenix and don’t feel like making anything up, watch this.

ESPN was in Milwaukee Monday night for the Crew’s game with Washington. ESPN baseball guy Tim Kurkjian was invited to participate in the sausage race.

He did not fare well. Not well at all.