Jermichael Finley injury

We would normally just file this under no news news, but it’s going to be pretty slow for a while. Suffice it to say there have been no new developments on the Jermichael Finley front.’s Gil Brandt says the Green Bay Packers still haven’t cleared Finley.

He’s reporting that as if there is something to report, i.e. the Packers’ doctors have looked at Finley and his injured neck, run some tests, whatever.

The statement is so vague, however, that we don’t even know that to be true.

As you’ve noticed, he also boned it in saying that the Lions’ doctor performed Finley’s spinal fusion surgery. It was the Pittsburgh Steelers’ doctor who performed the surgery.

But let’s be fair. You don’t actually have to posses any journalistic skills to work for the NFL’s media arm. You only have to have been employed by an NFL team at some point. Things like “facts” and “news” are totally foreign concepts to these guys.

At any rate, if something is going to happen with Finley, it should happen in the next few weeks. Minicamps are done and training camp is right around the corner.

If their executives aren’t on vacation, then teams have plenty of time bring Finley in, evaluate him, run some tests, let doctors pore over those tests and then make a decision on whether they want to sign Finley and negotiate a deal with him.

Publicly, the Packers say they want Finley back and that they’re open to the possibility of his return. We’ll find out if they’re serious in the next few weeks.