Datone Jones

Uh oh. That’s what we usually say when someone starts making guarantees. Guarantees are usually followed by disappointment, underachieving and/or injuries. Datone Jones is making guarantees!

The Green Bay Packers 2013 first-round pick had a lackluster rookie campaign, playing in less than 25 percent of the team’s defensive snaps. Previously, he said he was happy with his first NFL campaign.

Now, he appears to feel like the rest of us do about it — unimpressed.

Jones says he’s reevaluated his game and plans on using his power more to his advantage this year. And… here’s the guarantee!

“I can guarantee you’re going to see a different Datone Jones,” he said.

Ah, good.

Seeing any Datone Jones would be a step in the right direction. If he can manage to play at least half of the team’s defensive snaps in 2014, he’s obviously doing something better than he did last year, when we didn’t notice him at all save for those 3.5 sacks.

The Packers are obviously counting on Jones to improve or else they would have brought Johnny Jolly and/or Ryan Pickett back. With B.J. Raji moving back to the nose and Jolly out of the picture, the Packers will have two new starters at defensive end in 2014.

One of those guys will likely be Julius Peppers. The other spot is wide open as far as we’re concerned.