What are we going to file this one under? BROADS! Meet Alyssa Gracik. She’s Jeff Janis’ girlfriend. He’s the third receiver the Green Bay Packers drafted last month.

Seventh round. He went to Saginaw Valley State. She went to Central Michigan. They are both from Tawas City, Michigan, which is kind of in the northeast part of that dumpy-ass state. But it’s not in the U.P., which is really just part of Wisconsin, anyway.

So yeah, we’re guessing they were the high school sweetheart types. She was probably captain of the cheerleading squad. I mean, she looks like she was captain of the cheerleading squad…

We can’t really say we know much more, except that she was a sorority girl because… of course she was a sorority girl. She was also Jr. Miss Iosco in 2002. Iosco is the country where Tawas City is located.

So let’s see. Cheerleader (probably). Check. Small-town beauty queen. Check. Sorority girl. Check.

What are we saying here? Nothing. Nothing at all. Except that you probably already know what Alyssa Gracik looks like without even seeing her.

In case you don’t, she looks like this.

Alyssa Gracik

Jeff Janis' girlfriend

Alyssa Gracik

There’s no possible way that this might be offensive…


Hey, broad on the far right… you are invited to my birthday party.

sorority girls

Alyssa Gracik and Jeff Janis

Alyssa Gracik

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