Aaron Rodgers: sucking

Yeah, who the hell is Drew Smith, right? Not living in Wisconsin any longer, I had no idea. Turns out he’s the sports guy at Fox 11 in Green Bay. Apparently, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not a fan.

Smith tweeted something about Rodgers throwing a pick during OTAs today. Rodgers insists he didn’t throw any picks and called this fool out.

That makes me chuckle.

It makes me chuckle because Rodgers is obviously paying real close attention to what people say about him. I mean, you can’t endorse the new Ford F-150 if you’re throwing picks during OTAs. Am I right?

Someone told us that Rodgers did indeed throw the pick. Now we’re hearing that Matt Flynn threw the pick and Rodgers came off the sideline after that for some sort of return.

Who really gives a shit?

But hey, Drew Smith, get your damn facts straight!