Khyri Thornton

The Green Bay Packers have come to terms with their first third-round pick, signing Southern Miss defensive lineman Khyri Thornton on Monday.

Thornton’s predetermined deal is for four years, $2,833,252 and includes a signing bonus of $563,252.

That leaves the Packers with three draft picks left to sign.

So yeah, that’s real exciting.

What interesting tidbits have we picked up about Thornton since the draft?

Well, he (along with just about everybody else) didn’t think he’d go as high as the third round. Obviously, he was unaware that Big Ted likes to take guys in the third that he could of gotten in the fifth.

So what did the Packers like about this guy so much? Check this out. Ted actually said this.

“Oh, different things,” Thompson said.

Different things, yo!

At boy got ‘im some differnt tings!

Also, he went to Southern Miss. That’s where the old slinger of guns went to college. The younger, less fat version of Thornton says he actually pretended to be Brett Favre. Part of the reason he went to Southern Miss was because Favre played there.

Packers legend in the making? You bet your ass!

There were literally no highlight videos of Thornton out there during the draft. We ended up posting some class project video on his “The Book on” post.

Well, here are some highlights… that someone had to record off ESPN’s draft coverage.