Minnesota Vikings stadium

The NFL gods have smiled on Hormel Chili today. They will be reaping the benefits when Super Bowl LII is played in their very own Hormel Chili Dome in downtown Minneapolis.

Yes, the NFL has awarded the 2018 Super Bowl to that chili stain of a town on that wife beater of a state. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

They beat out both Indianapolis and New Orleans for the game. Passing over Indianapolis we get. We’re tired of Indianapolis. It’s really just Dubuque with a few more people and a drug addict who owns a football team (which his father stole from another city).

Now, New Orleans makes a little more sense. Where would you want to go in February? Minneapolis or New Orleans?

Hahahahaha… it’s funny to even think about that as a question. You could even take out the “in February” part.

But anyway, the NFL likes to reward towns and teams that built their franchises new stadiums. The Giants and Jets just got a new stadium and they just hosted a Super Bowl. San Francisco just finished a new stadium and they’re getting Super Bowl L. That’s not coincidence.

So the Minnesota Vikings (with lots of help from the city, state and the NFL) is finally building a new stadium to replace the atrocity that was the Metrodome.

In 2016, the Hormel Chili Dome will be complete. A year later someone other than the Vikings will be playing the final game of the season there.