Green Bay Packers ice cream

It’s Memorial Day and that means you’re bound by law to either have or attend a BBQ. That means food. And nothing says “I support our military personnel” like gorging yourself. So it’s a good thing we found this Green Bay Packers ice cream yesterday.

Yes, the Packers have their own ice cream. Why wouldn’t they?

It’s made by Kemps, which is, perhaps ironically, a Minnesota-based company. Do you think they make Minnesota Vikings ice cream? I don’t know, but I don’t know why they would.

It would probably induce choking.

What I do know is they don’t sell this Packers ice cream where I live. If you’re in Wisconsin, you can probably roll down to your local Piggly Wiggly or what have you and pick some up today, though.

It’s called Touchdown Sundae and it’s obviously chalk full of touchdowns and footballs, which are high in nutritional value.

It turns out, Kemps also makes Packers ice cream sandwiches, sundae cones and, it appears, some other things.

Perfect for Memorial Day BBQs, we’re sure.