Brett Favre, Mark Chmura, Frank Winters

You know we love to take old Brett Favre photos and have you caption them. Yesterday, Sports Illustrated unearthed this gem.

Not only do you get Favre, but you also get Mark Chmura and Frank Winters. Just a bunch a good ole boys lovin’ life! Or maybe never meanin’ no harm.


It’s The Gunslinger, Stinky and Old Bag ‘O Donuts!

Old Bag ‘O Donuts doesn’t like when you call him Old Bag ‘O Donuts. A friend and I learned that one time when we managed to get into the player’s area after a preseason game in Phoenix. He’ll flip you right the hell off!

Anyway, caption this bad boy and we’ll probably pull out the best captions and send those people some Green Bay Packers swag that we happen to have laying around. You’ll also have the added bonus of possibly being labeled a funny motherfucker by us. So, pride.

Hell yeah!

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