mock draft

You know what? I fucking hate mock drafts. They’re pointless. The prick from ESPN knows about as much as the idiots at Bleacher Report.

That is, next to nothing.

Yet, those people and every moron in between trots out a mock draft — usually like 20 of them — because they’re, you know, “experts.” And they’re gonna give you a clear picture of how the first round (of if they’re really brazen, the whole damn thing) is gonna go!

Well, fuck them.

They could have the Chicago Bears taking Jabba the Hutt and that would probably be as close to reality as the football player they’re predicting in that slot.

Anyway, there’s still a week until the draft. Why? Because the NFL can also go fuck itself.

As such, we’ve got more time to kill.

So who wants to do a mock draft? Yes, you, you son of a bitch!

Shawn and I will join in with whoever the hell wants to play along and make some picks. Just think. You could be the GM of the Cleveland Browns!

Do we have some sort of big plan for this?

Of course not! Just like everything else, we let the ADD kick in and just go! Consequences be damned!

We’ll publish the results here though. Maybe we’ll do a Google Hangout or something. At any rate, send me a goddam email if you’re interested in participating.

I will get back to to you and we’ll kill this fucker.