Carl Bradford

We’ve talked plenty about the Green Bay Packers fourth-round pick, Carl Bradford. He’s a linebacker of one kind or another.

He was a hybrid defensive end/outside linebacker in college and the Packers used him at outside linebacker during their rookie minicamp. However, his stature (6-1, 250) seems to project better to inside linebacker.

All of the Packers outside linebackers are bigger than Bradford, while their inside linebackers are about the same size.

Although the Packers haven’t said anything to that effect, Bradford makes it sound like the move inside is inevitable.

“I believe I can play a key role either outside or inside,” he said. “Right now, they are working me at outside backer, but when the time comes and they need to push me inside, I’ll be prepared and ready to learn it.”

You know why we’re in love with the thought of that proposition. Bradford could potentially replace Brad Jones or A.J. Hawk and the Packers could finally have a long-term playmaking inside linebacker.

Bradford is known as a pass rusher, but he’s more so an athlete. The kind of guy who’s disruptive and not just… there.

That’s pretty much the best thing you can say about Hawk and Jones. They’re there.


Now, the Packers have switched a number of guys from outside to inside in the past — Hawk, Jones and Jamari Lattimore among them. None of those moves were immediate though.

Each of those guys played at least a full season outside before moving inside.

We’re expecting Bradford to follow a similar path, which means we’ll probably be forced to watch another season featuring the dynamic duo in the middle.