Jeff Janis

Well, obviously Ted Thompson is now just fucking with us. The Green Bay Packers had one seventh-round pick and they chose Saginaw Valley State wide receiver Jeff Janis with it.

Because the Packers NEED MORE RECEIVERS!

They’ll open the next phase of their offseason program with 35 of them. That’s an approximation, of course.

Look, who gives a shit who the Packers select in the seventh round? These guys usually end up on the scrap heap sooner rather than later anyway.

Now, as for Janis, he was a total boss in college, but played in Division II. He is 6-3, 219 and ran a 4.42 40. In other words, he’s the rare combination of size and speed.

As you might expect, his stats are off the charts. In 2013, he had 83 catches, 1,572 yards and 14 touchdowns in 12 games. That’s 18.9 yards per reception. In 2012, he had 106 catches, 1,635 yards and 17 touchdowns.

Instead of looking at his overall scouting report, let’s look at Janis’ weaknesses. Here’s what had to say.

Has very small, inconsistent hands — will cradle the ball and use his body. Is not a nuanced route runner. Does not attack the ball in the air and will give up some break points. Not strong after the catch and will look for a soft landing spot. Can be fazed by traffic. Regularly faced Division II competition. Not a consistent blocker — does not play to his size.

Now check this out.

More importantly, Jeff Janis already has his own Ford commercial. Take that, Jordy!