Randall Cobb injury

The annual injury epidemic is about to end for the Green Bay Packers, everyone!

I just pulled my hamstring as I wrote that.

Seriously though, the Packers have hired an Australian firm called Catapult Sports to help them study injury prevention.

Basically, this company provides teams with scientific data about players and injuries that is supposed to help them know when someone is susceptible to injury and when he’s ready to return from rest or injury. You know, stuff doctors should be doing.

As we all know, the Packers are pretty much a M.A.S.H. unit year in and year out. They had 15 guys on injured reserve in 2013 and have had the most games lost by starters over the past two seasons.

Coach Mike McCarthy, whose legacy may end up being injuries, has noted the team needs to do something about the situation. So has team president Mark Murphy.

For his part, McCarthy vowed to change the offseason program because of the injuries.

Hopefully, that coupled with this new data will help curtail the problem.