Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

Yeah, you’ve got to be saying who the hell is Laurent Duvernay-Tardif? Well, he’s this draft prospect from up there in Canadia who appears to have a legit shot at making the NFL. And of course the Green Bay Packers are interested.

The Packers are going to bring him in for one of their 20 pre-draft visits.

You might be quick to compare Duvernay-Tardif to Child Warrior Andy Mulumba and there are some similarities. Both guys are from Canadia (although Mulumba is originally from Congo), both are raw and both probably have an NFL future. Like Mulumba, who was drafted third overall last year, Duvernay-Tardif is expected to go high in the CFL draft. In fact, he’ll probably go first overall.

The main differences are in position — Duvernay-Tardif is an offensive lineman — and college competition. While Mulumba played at Eastern Michigan, Duvernay-Tardif played at McGill University, which is in Montreal.

Not really anywhere near elite competition.

He does have 6-5 and 300 pounds though and you can’t teach that shit!

At the end of the day, Duvernay-Tardif is a project, which is totally up the Packers’ alley. They usually spend their pre-draft visits on guys who are going to be drafted late or not at all.

This guy definitely falls into that category. He’ll be a third-day pick or sign as an undrafted free agent. Maybe he’ll turn into Big Ted’s latest find though.