Julius Peppers

The Green Bay Packers big offseason prize, Julius Peppers, showed up and took part in the first session of voluntary offseason workouts today.

There was some question as to whether he would show. It was reported that, unlike most guys on the team, Peppers didn’t have any financial incentive to be in town built into his contract.

So why show up?

To be a good soldier, of course!

So what, exactly, are guys doing this week? Well, they’re probably stretching, running and lifting some weights. Or doing rehab if they’re coming off an injury.

This two-week session is the boring part of OTAs. Coaches can’t be involved, there are no drills or live action and the sessions are not open to the public or media.

Here’s something to ponder while there’s nothing to ponder. Do you think John Kuhn walked over to Julie this morning and said, “Hey, do you remember that time I came from the other side of the line and blocked you so we could win the NFC North over your shitty Bears? Do ya? That was awesome!”