Johnny Manziel likes that Brett Favre

This is pretty good stuff. It’s Jon Gruden’s QB Camp and this video features Johnny Manziel. Gruden is showing Manziel clips of the old gunslinger himself, Brett Favre, when he was with the Green Bay Packers.

Both of the clips are from early on in Favre’s career. The first is that long touchdown to Sterling Sharpe against the Detroit Lions, which I believe was in a wild card game. The second is Favre’s scramble against the Falcons for a touchdown with time winding down. That play put the Packers in the playoffs.

Gruden, who was the Packers receivers coach at the time, relays to Manziel how coach Mike Holmgren AKA The Walrus, told Favre not to scramble on both plays. Of course, Favre didn’t listen in either instance, but the results turned out to be golden.

The video is of the whole Manziel episode, but the Favre stuff comes at around the 11:40 mark. Manziel is pretty impressed.