Charles Woodson

Only many, many more months until football returns. And then a month after that until meaningful football returns. But hey, the Green Bay Packers 2014 preseason schedule has been released.

So you got that!

Here’s what’s what.

  • Aug. 7-10, at Tennessee Titans
  • Aug. 14-18, at St. Louis Rams
  • Aug. 22, Oakland Raiders, 7 p.m.
  • Aug. 28, Kansas City Chiefs

As you can see, the exact dates and times aren’t nailed down for all of these games. The one that is nailed down is a prime time game against the Raiders.

So you’ll get to cheer for James Jones and Charles Woodson one more time at Lambeau if you want to.

You’re probably wondering where the rest of the schedule is. Well, that won’t be out until next week at the earliest. The NFL has to stagger all of these announcements and events so you are forced to pay attention all year round.

So thank them for throwing you this bone.