Ted Thompson

The Green Bay Packers have had the least roster turnover in the NFL since 2011, according to a study done by NFL.com.

Should this come as a surprise? It shouldn’t. It was pointed out several times last season how the Packers only had one guy on the active roster who started his career with another team. That was fullback John Kuhn, who played for the Steelers before ending up in Green Bay. And that’s a good sign that the organization likes to stick with their own guys.

The Packers currently have 25 guys on their roster who were on the roster in 2011. That ties them with Washington for the most in the league.

Although Washington is kind of an anomaly in that position. Unlike the other teams with the least turnover — the Packers, 49ers (24), Seahawks (22) and Bengals (22) — the RGIIIs aren’t any good.

The other end of the list is where you’ll find the majority of the teams that fall into that category — Jacksonville (9), St. Louis (9), Tampa Bay (9). There’s also an anomaly there too, with the Colts coming in first with just seven players remaining from 2011.

That says a lot about what having Andrew Luck will do for you. Interestingly, the Bears are fifth on the list with just 10 players remaining from 2011.

Draft and develop, y’all!