Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn

The New York Giants were supposedly interested in several of the Green Bay Packers free agents after they signed Ben McAdoo, the Packers’ quarterbacks coach last season, to become their offensive coordinator. The list — again, supposedly — started with center Evan Dietrich-Smith, tight end Andrew Quarless and running back James Starks. They failed to sign any of those guys, so how about backup quarterback Matt Flynn?

Sure, why the hell not?! The Daily News says the Giants have reached out to Flynn, although they haven’t scheduled a workout or done much of anything else.

The Gints — yes, I did that on purpose — need another body around while Eli Manningface recovers from whatever injury is giving him Manningface this spring.

Manningface alert!

Eli Manning face

The Gints currently have¬†Curtis Painter and Ryan Nassib on the roster. Why they’d need to sign Flynn or Vikings retread Josh Freeman, who’s also on the reached-out-to list, is beyond us.

It sounds like they just want another guy around until training camp and then they’ll cut him. So if you’re Flynn or Freeman, why would you want to be that guy?

Collect a check, I guess.

This also raises the question of whether the Packers intend on re-signing Flynn. Mike McCarthy wants him back and it’s not like anyone is banging down Flynn’s door. The Packers obviously could have done their cheap-ass deal with Flynn by now if they wanted to.

Since they haven’t, you’ve got to wonder if they’re going to bring him back at all.

An educated guess tells me the draft will dictate that.

McCarthy has also said he wants to draft a quarterback. If the Packers get a guy who can be a legitimate NFL backup, then there’s no reason to re-sign Flynn. Draft Guy can come in and compete with Scott Tolzien for the No. 2 job.

No QB in the draft for the Packers, then welcome back Matt Flynn.