Antonio Freeman

The Green Bay Packers let receiver James Jones walk in free agency and didn’t put up any sort of fight. Former Packers receiver Antonio Freeman knows why.

Freeman, who went through a similar departure from Green Bay, knows it came down to a business decision. He mentioned that the Packers have Jarrett Boykin, who makes a lot less money than Jones, and how the Packers can develop him to fill Jones’ spot.

And they probably can.

Here’s the interesting part of his quote, at least to us. It’s something that no one likes to point out.

“We have to get the most out of our employees that we can and pay them the least amount of money because we have a quarterback who limits what we can do financially.”


Yeah, look, we’re not going to pretend Rodgers doesn’t deserve the $22 million per season he gets. The idiotic market dictates that he should get paid that idiotic amount of money as the best quarterback in the league. Did he have to take that much? No, but the Packers offered it and why is he going to turn it down?

Obviously, the Packers don’t necessarily need Jones. The point is, they probably would have re-signed him if their quarterback wasn’t eating up such a huge chunk of the salary cap.

But don’t tell anyone.