Sam Shields

Well, there are as many half truths, rumors and out-and-out lies floating around out there right now as there are idiots on Twitter to report them. Because, free agency! Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaw! It now appears cornerback Sam Shields is seeking more — possibly a hell of a lot more — money than originally reported.

A week ago, Shields was supposedly seeking a deal like the Chicago Bears gave cornerback Tim Jennings in January. That deal is for four years, averages $5.6 million per season and included $11.8 million guaranteed.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Green Bay Packers were perfectly willing to pay that.

Over the weekend, Shields decided he was going beste online casino to take his ball and go home. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, cut off negotiations with the Packers and Shields announced that he”d test free agency.

All this points to one thing. Shields and Rosenhaus think they can get quite a bit more than the Packers are offering. They may be right.

Again, exactly why we said the Packers blew it by not giving Shields a long-term deal last year. A few Twitter warriors adamantly disagreed with us when we made that statement without supplying any logic of their own. Well, we were right then and we”re right now.

At any rate, it”s probably time for the Packers to start looking at Plan B. And not the same one that chick you took home from Stadium View on Saturday night was looking at.