Jermichael Finley

Free agent tight end Jermichael Finley won’t be signing with the Green Bay Packers or anyone else for a while, it appears. According to Bob McGinn, Finley is still at least two months away from even being in a position to sign a new contract.

Finley had spinal fusion surgery in November. He expected to be cleared medically to resume full-contact drills by now, but that hasn’t happened.

Shortly after free agency began, Finley visited the Seattle Seahawks. They said thanks, but no thanks… at least for now.

All of this adds up to one thing — it no longer seems as certain as it did a month ago that Finley will be able to resume his career. And if he is able to resume it, it could be a while before that happens.

Tight end Jermichael Finley is at least two months away and maybe several months more from being in position to sign with a team, a source familiar with the situation said this week.

Clearly Seattle’s analysis of the situation is why Finley is drawing no interest in free agency. It looks like that won’t change for a while.