Letroy Guion

Look at the Green Bay Packers just killing everyone else in the free agent game! For the second time in a span of three days, the Packers have done the unthinkable. They have, 1. signed a free agent who last played for another team and, 2. signed a free agent who might actually make the final roster. Today’s lucky signee is defensive lineman Letroy Guion.

He got a meager one-year deal that will pay him $985,000.

Now we’re going to compare Guion to Gilbert Brown. Is he going to be as good as The Gravedigger? Well, we’re not going to say that. But he played for the Minnesota Vikings, and Brown is the only guy we can remember that has gone from the Vikings to the Packers.

As you know, that’s because the Vikings suck. Former Packers go play for the Vikings all the time when they’re good and used up, but rarely the other way around.

We’re going to have to chalk this signing up to Vikings stupidity. Clearly, they’re missing something in Guion or they would have re-signed him themselves. The Packers, possessing the superior football minds, obviously see what the Vikings are missing.

The Packers weren’t the only team that saw it either. The Ravens and Patriots were also interested in Guion, who had 21 tackles and a sack in 2013.

The addition of Guion gives the Packers plenty of bodies on the defensive line. It probably also puts the final nail in the coffin for Ryan Pickett, who’s a free agent.

With Guion on board, we don’t see room for one last hurrah for Pickett.