Letroy Guion

This is getting comical, but more on that in a bit. The Green Bay Packers are now supposedly interested in free agent defensive tackle Letroy Guion, who played last season with the Minnesota Vikings.

He is scheduled to come to Green Bay on Sunday, but we all know he ain’t making that trip.

Guion is 6-4, 303 and just 26 years old, although he’s entering his seventh season in the league. In 2013, he recorded 21 tackles and a sack in 13 games. His best year was 2012, when he had 31 tackles and two sacks in 15 games.

Why the Packers would sign a guy the Vikings don’t want is beyond us. Don’t they know the pipeline runs the other direction?

Anyway, the Packers continue to pretend to be interested in all kinds of defensive linemen. The guy they were supposedly interested in yesterday, Vance Walker, will reportedly be signing with Kansas City.

Ohhhhhhh! Just a day late. Shucks!

The guys the Packers were supposedly interested in before that — Al Woods and Arthur Jones — also signed with other teams before they got to Green Bay. Oh, and former Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck said the Packers were in the mix, but the Raiders signed him first.

So now Guion has a visit scheduled for Sunday, so some other team can conveniently swoop in and sign him before then.

Then the Packers can say, “But guys, we’re participating in free agency!”

Seriously. Has anyone else noticed the Packers’ pattern of “showing interest” in outside free agents and then scheduling them for visits three days from now?

Other teams that are interested in free agents actually try to get them in their building BEFORE anyone else does. Not the Packers.

Makes you think that they either have a bunch of incompetents handling travel arrangements or they don’t really have any intention of signing these guys. Maybe they’re just doing it to keep the fans from hurling pipe bombs through the upstairs windows at 1265.

Technically, the Packers are participating in free agency. They’re just not doing anything to be competitive in free agency.

“But guys, look! We’re showing interest in all kinds of outside free agents! It’s in the newspapers!”