Jared Allen: trader

Oh my god… It’s just too goddam easy sometimes. Minnesota Vikings fans, the bottom of the NFL barrel, the bottom of any and all barrels, the most ignorant of the ignorant — they always, somehow, manage to outdo themselves.

Today, Viking great, Hormel Chili lover and sheep expert, Jared Allen signed with the division rival Chicago Bears. And Vikings fans were furious!

Furious I tell you! Never mind that the Vikings didn’t want Allen back. Never mind that they had absolutely no problem when a certain former Green Bay Packer signed with their crappy team. Forget all that!

Yeah, we could keep going. Jared Allen is a trader, you see.

A trader!

So many moronic Vikings fans have called Allen a “trader” today that “Jared Allen trader” was briefly trending on Twitter this morning.

And you just know Vikings fans are reading this right now, completely missing the point and uttering to their troglodytic selves, “but he is a trader!”