M.D. Jennings' interception

The Chicago Bears are really tearing things up in free agency! A day after signing a defensive end the Oakland Raiders didn’t want they’ve gone and pilfered safety M.D. Jennings from the Green Bay Packers.

Take that, say the Bears!

They’re really putting together a Super Bowl-caliber squad down there in Chicago and signing a superstar like Jennings only adds to what is already a great defense. I mean, we’re talking 2001 Baltimore Ravens great. Pull those Monster of the Midway shirts out of the closet that you’ve been saving since 1985, Bears fans! This is your year! The M.D. Jennings signing just put you over the hump!

The Bears gave Jennings a one-year deal and yes, here’s where we get serious. Jennings started all 16 games for the Packers in 2013 and recorded 74 tackles. He was also the absolute worst starting safety in the entire NFL. Along with Morgan Burnett and a bunch of undrafted guys, Jennings has the distinction of being part of the only safety group in the entire league not to record an interception in 2013.

That’s impressive.

Jennings was supposed to be a restricted free agent this offseason, but the Packers didn’t think enough of him to tender him a contract. That made him an unrestricted free agent.

In Chicago, Jennings will get to compete for a starting spot because the Bears’ group of safeties are just that bad.