John Kuhn

It looks like the Green Bay Packers now only have a chance of re-signing one of their 17 unrestricted free agents before free agency begins. Fullback John Kuhn and the Packers won’t be agreeing on a new deal before the signing period opens on Tuesday, according to ESPN.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Kuhn won’t return to the Packers though.

The source said that the two sides planned to keep in touch, leaving open the possibility that Kuhn could return for an eighth season with the Packers.

The only free agent the Packers might be able to sign before Tuesday appears to be defensive tackle B.J. Raji. He’s reportedly close to a one-year deal. Meanwhile, the Packers have either pissed off pretty much everyone else or given them a sign they don’t have any interest.

Cornerback Sam Shields, the Packers’ No. 1 priority for a new deal, broke off negotiations with the team last week. Meanwhile, the Packers are reportedly going to let receiver James Jones and defensive tackle Ryan Pickett walk. And they’re playing wait and see with defensive end Johnny Jolly.

Unlike Shields, who’s probably as good as gone, there’s a decent chance Kuhn returns to the Packers. Fullback isn’t exactly an in-demand position throughout the NFL. Most teams don’t even employ one, so Kuhn’s options will be limited.

Because of that, you can bet your ass the Packers were lowballing the hell out of Kuhn.

His last contract averaged just over $2.5 million per season. No doubt the Packers want his next one to be lower. Kuhn still has plenty of value to the Packers, though.

Kuhn is a veteran leader on a team with a dearth them. He’s also the team’s most reliable running back in pass blocking.

Let’s not forget who saved Aaron Rodgers’ ass and allowed him to heave that bomb to Randall Cobb to beat the Bears and win the division. John Kuhn on the block of Julius Peppers.