James Jones

Well, shortly after we begged someone, anyone, to sign receiver James Jones someone did. That someone is the Oakland Raiders.

Jones got a three-year deal with the Raiders, where former Green Bay Packers exec Reggie McKenzie is the general manager.

The Green Bay Packers made no effort to re-sign Jones, who turns 30 this year. They’ll move Jarrett Boykin up the ladder to replace Jones as the team’s No. 3 receiver in 2014.

Meanwhile, the Raiders get some experience. Jones has more of that than any other receiver on the Raiders’ roster. He’s also arguably the best receiver on the Raiders’ roster, although Denarius Moore might have a case.

The problem is, who the hell is throwing these guys the ball? Terrelle Pryor? Matt McGloin? Some soon-to-be castoff like Matt Schaub or Mark Sanchez?


Jones is going to be dreaming of his days with Aaron Rodgers this coming season.