Miley Cyrus in a Green Bay Packers jersey

Not going to lie. We enjoy Miley Cyrus. Sure, she’s an attention-seeking whore, but the lengths she goes to to get that attention is awesome.

Don’t be confused. We don’t like her music. In fact, couldn’t even name one of her songs. But she looks good. She also gives us the impression she’d probably pound shots of Jack with us and then get down on her knees and [redacted].

So, two thumbs up!

Miley played that hole known as the Bradley Center in Milwaukee last night. As has become pretty typical when some musician plays a gig in Wisconsin… throw on a Green Bay Packers jersey to get the locals fired up!

Miley donned that Aaron Rodgers jersey prior to last night’s show. Not really sure what she did on stage. Don’t care, in fact.

Since you’ve been good, here’s some more of Miley. If you’d like to see A LOT more, look up the shoot she did for Terry Richardson. And you’re welcome.

Miley Cyrus

(Miley Cyrus)