College Clay Matthews

Hi, I’m College Clay Matthews, will you go to the spring formal with me?

You see, Clay Matthews didn’t always have long, flowing locks that he could whip around and make the ladies swoon. At one point in his life he had short hair. Actually, for most of his life.

He used to look like this.

young Clay Matthews

He also used to wear lots of pink. That’s probably changed too.

At some point when Matthews was in college he said, I must grow my hair out like Thor so I can whip my long, golden locks around and make the ladies swoon.

Of course, there’s that awkward time when you’re growing your hair out and it’s not quite long enough to be awesome, but too long for you to look clean cut.

It’s the time when you either look like a bum or a girl.

We’ll let you decide which one College Clay Matthews looks like. That headband kind of makes you lean a little more one way than the other though, doesn’t it?

Now, of course, there’s this fine piece of man meat. Don’t say we just pander to the fellas, ladies.

Clay Matthews shirtless