C.J. Wilson

The Green Bay Packers obviously didn’t want free agent defensive lineman C.J. Wilson back, so just like James Jones he went and signed with the Oakland Raiders.

Wilson spent four seasons with the Packers and was a part-time starter. He had a total of 11 regular-season starts, seven of which came in 2012, and also started for the Packers in the Super Bowl. Wilson was known for being solid against the run, but he barely played in 2013 when the Packers were, uh… not so solid against the run.

Wilson was only active for eight games last year despite the defensive line functioning as a top-notch sieve.

Wilson’s shortcomings were as a pass rusher. He had just 3.5 sacks in his four seasons in Green Bay.

It was essentially a forgone conclusion that Wilson would be playing elsewhere this year. And why not with the Raiders? General manager Reggie McKenzie, a former minion of Ted Thompson’s, has now signed three former Packers — all of whom are guys the Packers essentially discarded. McKenzie picked up Wilson and Jones this year and safety Charles Woodson last year.