If you’re wondering what the old slinger of guns, Brett Favre has been up to, here’s your answer. He’s been methodically growing a beard.

A glorious beard.

Brett Favre beard

Also, he’s been pumping some iron (or injecting some roids). The old man is ripped! He could literally crush your skull with those gigantic hands of his.

All the better for choking out Deanna, we’re sure.

At first, we were wondering where the hell this bearded Favre game from, but we quickly learned he was sporting the beard back at the beginning of February. The Brett Favre Beard made an appearance on NFL Network as part of their Super Bowl coverage.

It was not nearly as glorious then as it is in the above photo though.

The Brett Favre Beard

This version of The Brett Favre Beard says, hey, I’ve been in the woods too long, can I do some football analysis for you?

The new version of The Brett Favre Beard says, hey, want to get a Dos Equis later and then join me in my hotel room? Of course you do.