Jordy Nelson commercial

You can file this one under: No Shit, Sherlock. We thought we’d tell you about it anyway. The NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Green Bay Packers will make signing receiver Jordy Nelson to a contract extension one of their top offseason priorities.

That shouldn’t be news to you if you peruse this space regularly. As we’ve detailed on more than one occasion, Nelson is entering the last year of his deal (and so are Randall Cobb and Jarrett Boykin, for that matter).

He, along with Cobb, will be priorities for new deals this summer.

Rapoport’s numbers don’t quite mesh with ours, which say Jordy’s 2014 base will be $3.05 million. Bonuses will likely take his total compensation to $3.5 million.

At any rate, the Packers have a few more pressing matters to handle before they get around to Nelson.

They need to decide what they’re going to do about their current free agent class. That group includes the likes of James Jones, Sam Shields, Jermichael Finley, Johnny Jolly, Evan Dietrich-Smith and John Kuhn, along with some other guys who can probably piss off and go underachieve somewhere else.

The Packers scored big-time when they signed Nelson to his last contract. It was for four years and averaged just over $3 million per season. Obviously, Jordy has outperformed that deal.

Also obvious — the Packers aren’t going to get off so cheaply this time around.