M.D. Jennings' interception

We’re still along ways away from another NFL season — too long, in fact — but there seems to be a good chance the 2014 season will open with the Green Bay Packers at the Seattle Seahawks.

Each NFL season opens with a marquee game on Thursday night. One of the team’s to play in that game is always the Super Bowl champion, so we know Seattle will be playing someone in their place.

One of the most intriguing teams that will be playing in Seattle is the Packers.

You know what happened the last time these two teams met. The greatest robbery in the history of football.

It looks like the Packers’ only realistic competition for that opening-night game will come from San Francisco and Denver.

The 49ers, however, are expected to open at home because they’re opening a new stadium. And the Broncos, well, who the hell wants to see a rematch of what was a totally one-sided Super Bowl?

No one that we know of.