Mark Murphy

Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy is off making the media rounds. It’s the offseason and GM Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy don’t say shit, so that leaves Murphy to spread the gospel.

What does old Murph have to say? Mostly, he’s out there doing things like defending the fact that the Packers raised ticket prices for the fourth year in a row.

But he also told Mike Vandermause that he’s fully behind the sometimes-beleaguered Ted Thompson.

“I have tremendous respect for Ted and he has my full support,” Murphy said on Thursday.

While that might not get you too excited, what is Murphy going to say? Ted better get his shit together and put a decent product of the field or else?

I think that’s understood.

Murphy then blathered on about how proud he was of last season’s team for overcoming adversity and blah, blah, blah.

Perhaps the one interesting nugget came when he was asked about the Packers’ constant parade of injuries. Murphy actually acknowledged something the coaching or medical staff hasn’t — the team might need to do something different.

“The injuries have a huge impact on every team but I think for us over the last few years, they’ve been pretty significant,” he said. “Whether it’s been luck of the draw or if there’s some things we can do differently to minimize injuries, I think that would beneifit everybody.”

He then promptly pulled his hamstring. He’ll miss interviews for the next two-to-four weeks.