Aaron Rodgers: QB1

We told you about the potential local blackout of the Green Bay Packers’ game with the San Francisco 49ers. As of yesterday, there were still around 3,000 tickets still available and the NFL extended their deadline to sell those tickets to 4 p.m. today.

Otherwise, those clowns were going to lower their idiotic hammer and not show the game to the locals because, well, you didn’t give them your fucking money!

It looks like that will be avoided.

As of this morning, there were only around 1,000 tickets left.

Update: ESPN has reported that tickets are finally gone.

In all likelihood, those remaining tickets will be gone by this afternoon and everyone will be able to watch the game. As they should be able to.

Maybe it’s time for the NFL to get rid of their antiquated blackout rule. It’s not as if they don’t take enough money out of our pockets already.