Aaron Rodgers: QB1

Randall Cobb is making the rounds in New York this week and he appeared on the SVP & Russillo show on Tuesday, where he talked about what it was like for the Green Bay Packers not to have Aaron Rodgers on the field.

He labeled that as deflating, which is pretty much how we felt.

“It was kind of deflating as a team because we wanted our guy out there, and he wanted to be out there,” Cobb said. “But the medical staff and the coaching staff didn’t feel like it was time. We understood where they’re coming from, but it’s deflating when the guy wants to be out there and he can’t be out there because they won’t allow him.”

Cobb went on to say he understood the decision, player safety and all that. It’s still interesting that one guy’s absence can affect an entire team, however.

It also raises the question of whether the Packers handled the situation right.

Obviously, you don’t want the franchise suffering an injury he’s going to have to rehab all offseason, but as we kept pointing out during the will-he-or-won’t-he-play saga, the Packers were less than forthcoming with what was going on.

Reportedly, the decision on Rodgers was ultimately Ted Thompson’s. And you know how he likes to share information.

Not sharing it with the media is one thing. Not sharing it with the team is another.