Mark Murphy

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been talking about the possibility of expanding the playoffs and eliminating the extra point this week. That will ultimately be up to the league’s owners, but Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy is already on board.

Murphy would get the vote for the Packers because you guys, the real owners of the team, don’t actually get anything other than to give the Packers your hard-earned money.

“Right now of the 32 teams only 12 make [the playoffs]. I don’t think we want to get where, not to criticize other sports, but, it seems like everybody makes it. If we did, the discussion would be one additional Wild Card team in each conference so it would still be less than 50 percent of the teams, 14 out of 32.”

Murphy went on to say he’s in favor of the change because, why else? More money and money is the only thing Murphy is ever concerned about.

“I would be in favor of it in the sense that it’s a way to add additional revenue.”

The good news is, adding another playoff game would likely mean the preseason is one week shorter. The bad news is it dilutes the field, so we’d probably have to watch clown shows like the Dallas Cowboys in the tournament.

“If we could (add two Wild Card teams), and make changes in the preseason, maybe eliminate a preseason game, something along those lines, cause our preseason, really, is not of a high quality anymore. So, I think that trade off would be really positive for the fans.”

The positive for the NFL is more television revenue from the extra postseason games. Plus, tickets for playoff games cost a hell of a lot more than tickets do for regular season or preseason games.

As for the extra point, the thought is they’ve become automatic, so why bother? From what I’ve heard, if the extra point is eliminated a touchdown would get a team seven points. They’d still have the option to go for two to get to eight, but if they failed they’d go back down to six.

That seems like a no brainer at this point. Anyone out there really fired up for an extra point anymore?