Lil Wayne

You probably have heard that Lil Wayne is a Green Bay Packers super fan. Back when we were playing in Super Bowls — following the 2010 season — Weezy rolled out his Green and Yellow joint as a response to Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow.

It was, of course, superior.

But Weezy is from New Orleans, so why in the hell is a Green Bay Packers fan?

He told Peter King about it because obviously Peter King is the guy who should be interviewing Lil Wayne.

“They won the Super Bowl in my hometown, and I was hooked. I am not missing a Packers game. Never. I don’t care what kind of world I am in, where I am. When the Packers are playing, I’m watching. This year was tough. When A-Rod [Aaron Rodgers] went down, I was in a lot of pain.”

That Super Bowl was the year the Packers beat the Patriots behind Desmond Howard, Reggie White, Brett Favre, etc. You know, the ’90s glory days.

By the way, it’s Super Bowl week. Are you fired up?

This is Green Bay, bitch we go hard!