Marshall Newhouse

Green Bay Packers tackle Marshall Newhouse has, at times, been the bane of my existence.

After two years of being a sub-par starter, Newhouse was finally relegated to the bench this season. Of course, he still saw some game action because of injuries to Don Barclay and, very briefly, David Bakhtiari.

Those games were not pretty.

Thankfully, Newhouse is about to become a free agent, so… good riddance!

Well, leave it to some tool from Bleacher Report to suggest the Packers actually re-sign him. Some idiot named Ryan Riddle, who actually played briefly in the NFL and should know better, called offensive line the strongest free agent position group this offseason.

Then he went on to list Newhouse as his sixth-best free agent offensive lineman. I know, that’s hilarious, but it gets even better. Here’s what he said about Newhouse, who Pro Fooball Focus has rated the 32nd-best free agent tackle. Not offensive lineman. Tackle. That’s right near the very bottom of the list.

Despite appearances regarding the Packers and their blocking, Marshall Newhouse is one of the better tackles in the league. Losing him would set the Packers back a long way in terms of finding a replacement.

Besides, now is the time to build upon talent for the Packers, not replace it every year.

Better tackles in the league! Set the Packers back a long way!

Hahahahahahahahahaha! Seriously, I didn’t even make that up. Couldn’t. Some moron actually wrote it!

As usual, way to do your research super awesome Bleacher Report writer. You have a bright future in journalism.

Let’s forget for a second that the Packers essentially have three starting tackles available to them next season — David Bakhtiari, Don Barclay and Bryan Bulaga — as well as former first-round pick Derek Sherrod. That would tell an intelligent person they have no need for Newhouse, but this appeared on Bleacher Report, so intelligence goes right out the window.

In 2012, Newhouse allowed the most sacks on the team (10). Guess who led the team in sacks allowed in 2011? If you said Newhouse, you’re the big winner! He allowed 10.5 that season.

Newhouse started two games for Barclay in 2012 — agains the Giants and Vikings in weeks 11 and 12, respectively. Against the Giants, Newhouse allowed four hurries and two quarterback hits. Against the Vikings, Newhouse gave up six hurries and a sack.

And what was that? Oh, yeah. This guy is one of the better tackles in the league and his loss would set the Packers back a long way.

Except, statistics and actual common sense somehow tell us otherwise.