Tre Boston

We all know the Green Bay Packers need a safety. Is that guy North Carolina’s Tre Boston?


Big Ted and the boys were on hand at the East West Shrine game this past week and several people have pointed out that Ted was chatting it up with Boston.

“Like, listen bro, what do you think about playing for the Green Bay Packers and knocking some Chicago Bears the fuck out?”

Actually, Ted probably said nothing like that. However, Boston looks like the real deal and he did nothing to hurt himself at the Shrine Game.

Frankly, Boston, along with about five other college guys, are probably better safeties than the Packers currently have on their roster.

The draft is a crapshoot though. So while we think we’ve established the Packers have some interest in Boston, whether they’re going to be able to draft him or not is another story entirely.

But let’s dream for a moment that the Packers might have someone competent playing safety.

Take a look.