David Bakhtiari

You probably remember when Green Bay Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari got injured last week against San Francisco. You probably remember because you cringed when you saw that turd Marshall Newhouse trot onto the field.

Bakhtiari went into the locker room because the medical staff thought he may have been concussed. Then he came back out, although he wasn’t cleared, and inserted himself into the game.


Not for pussies… or Marshall Newhouse.

Unfortunately, that only lasted one play. Bakhtiari inserted himself on an extra point and on the next series, the round mound of giving up sacks was back out there.

The NFL wasn’t too impressed with this stunt. The good news is, they put it on Bakhtiari and not the Packers, so there aren’t going to be any penalties against the team.

The league sent a letter to all the teams detailing what happened and getting on their high horse and such. Here’s part of it.

“We emphasize that we find no fault in how the team medical staffs conducted themselves last weekend. If a player refuses to follow your advice and leave the sidelines after being diagnosed with a concussion, we recommend that the head athletic trainer seek assistance from the player’s position coach (or another member of the coaching staff) or from another team official to remove the player from the sidelines as soon as possible.”

Another player, Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis, remained on the sideline after he was suspected of suffering a concussion. Apparently, such players are supposed to be sequestered in a quiet windowless room, much like a jail cell.

Okay, yeah, we made the part after “quiet” up.

Anyway, neither player will be fined either. Just shamed publicly.

Although it may have been a stupid move, we salute your dedication David Bakhtiari.