Aaron Rodgers: sucking

Injured Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is having scans done today on his shoulder. Those will ultimately tell the Packers if he’ll be able to play this week.

Yesterday, coach Mike McCarthy pushed his usual Monday news conference back to today. That likely occurred because he knew he’d have some news about Rodgers’ availability for the Falcons game on Sunday, one way or the other.

This past Sunday, there was one report that said Rodgers would be lucky to play this week. Then there was another report where Rodgers said he’s going to play this week.

Today, we should know which one of those jokers were correct.

The risk of sending Rodgers back out on the field too soon is injuring his collarbone worse, which would lead to a lengthy rehab process. Of course, the risk of not sending him out there is that the season is probably over.

The Packers haven’t won in five games without Rodgers.