Minnesota Vikings fans with fake Jay Cutler

The Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday, which pretty much puts the Bears’ season in the same place as the Green Bay Packers.

The dumpster.

Meanwhile, in the parking lot at the Metrodome — where, consequently, most children born in Minneapolis are conceived — Vikings fans were being Vikings fans.

One, or some — because we know it takes a village to figure anything out over there — Vikings fans made themselves a life-sized Jay Cutler doll.

And it actually looks a lot like Jay Cutler. Limp, lifeless and with no facial expression.

Of course, this was a totally idiotic thing to do because Jay Cutler wasn’t playing in the game. He’s injured. Has been for a while. But these are Vikings fans and they probably don’t have televisions and probably can’t read, so they just don’t know.

What do they have?

Stripper poles!

So while they were making their pregame pot of Hormel Chili, these Vikings fans put up their stripper pole. And then they put doll Jay Cutler on top of it… because nothing says sexy like doll Jay Cutler. Actually, nothing in Minnesota says sexy, so you gotta make due.

Cutty! it is!

Minnesota Vikings fans with fake Jay Cutler