Packers fans lined up for Family Night tickets

Hey, are you one of those people who is constantly complaining about not being able to get Green Bay Packers tickets or that they’re too expensive?

Well, this is your lucky year then!

As of Tuesday morning, the Packers still had plenty of tickets available for what will surely be another one-and-done playoff game.

Heresy, you say!

Well, let’s consider the facts.

The Packers, in all of their infinite wisdom as an organization, sent out notices to season ticket holders asking them to buy playoff tickets several weeks ago. The Packers’ season looked a lot like a dumpster fire at the time, but hey, the Packers will ask you, season ticket holder, to buy not just playoff tickets for one game, but for three games! Non-fucking-refundable!

Yeah, so of all the season ticket holders, probably two people took those assholes up on that offer. And we’re pretty sure those two people were drunk.

So, on Monday, the Packers offered up seats to just the 49ers game to season ticket holders. That is, those with a registered email address.

They assumed those tickets would be gone in about 30 seconds. They were not. So, they went on sale to the general public Monday afternoon.

And… still not gone.

Look, there are two things at play here.

First, we’re not Minnesota Vikings fans. If you’re a fan and can get to Green Bay on Sunday, buy a goddam ticket, get drunk and take it like the rest of us! At least you’ll be in Lambeau.

Second, the fans, who clearly are knowledgeable enough to know what’s going to go down on Sunday, are obviously dissatisfied with the product on the field.

Hey, Big Ted? You fucking fuck!