Packers vs. Bears

The Green Bay Packers will get the Chicago Bears for the division title today.

Packers vs. Bears. It’s the oldest rivalry in the NFL and although neither team has been impressive this season, the Packers have been more impressive in the series lately.

After Chicago’s win over the mostly Aaron Rodgers-less Packers earlier this season, they now have a one-game winning streak. Impressive, Chicago!

Prior to that, the Packers had won six in a row and nine of 11.

Part of the reason the Packers have been dominant over that stretch is because Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who joined the team in 2009, has been awful against Green Bay.

Cutler has completed 55.3 percent of his throws for 1,702 yards, nine touchdowns and 16 interceptions for a rating of 61.5 against the Packers.

Additionally, Glidden has supplied us with this graphic, which tells us the Packers also have a pretty good record against teams that wear blue in recent seasons.

Despite the Packers recent dominance in this series, the Bears still hold a five-game advantage all-time. Of course, if you want to point at something a little more important where the Packers have an advantage — more titles (13-9).

Take that, jerks!

And finally, yes, this was that post that we asked you guys about. But hopefully you got something out of it nonetheless. You can get Glidden’s official Green Bay Packers gold paint here.