Andrew Quarless

You’re probably thinking what the hell took so long? Well, the boys and I were freezing our asses off at Lambeau. And… the Green Bay Packers pulled off their first win in over a month!

So, totally worth it!

At the end, it was a 22-21 win that kept the Packers in the division race. Coupled with the Detroit Lions’ loss at Philadelphia, the Packers are now only a half game out of the division lead.

So who did it?

The first guy that comes to mind is tight end Andrew Quarless. The second guy is receiver Jordy Nelson.

When the Packers needed plays, Quarless and Nelson stepped up.

We thought Eddie Lacy would have a big day and he did alright, with 65 yards. However, the Falcons dared Matt Flynn and Co. to throw the ball and throw the ball they did.

Flynn threw for 258 yards. Nelson was the biggest beneficiary — and playmaker — hauling down four of those passes for 85 yards. Quarless, however, was most impressive on Sunday.

That guy had his best game as a pro, catching six passes for 66 yards and a touch.

It wasn’t like he made us forget about JMike, but he proved he can play in the passing game.

The Packers defense also stepped up when it was needed, which was a nice change of pace. Granted, they were playing the three-win Falcons, but something is better than nothing.

The Packers only allowed 83 yards on the ground and came up with several big stops on third down.

Like, who are these guys?

At this point, it’s run the table or cash it in. If Aaron Rodgers comes back next week — which is finally a real possibility — then running the table seems legit.