Aaron Rodgers: spectating

We’ve discussed this possibility and now it sounds like the Green Bay Packers are discussing it. That is, not bringing back injured quarterback Aaron Rodgers at all this year.

Rodgers wants to play this week when the Packers face Atlanta, but coach Mike McCarthy has made no guarantees that will happen. Ian Rapoport says the Packers could shut down Rodgers if they fall out of the playoff race.

Even though they haven’t won a game in their last five tries, the Packers are currently still in the playoff race. They’re just a game and a half behind Detroit for the division lead.

With Atlanta coming to town, they have a realistic chance of remaining in the race at least another week. If anyone’s defense is playing as poorly as the Packers’ right now, it has to be the Falcons.

The primary consideration with Rodgers is obviously his long-term health. If he returns too soon, he could injure his fractured collarbone again and then have to rehab for five months.

With that in mind, it begs the question of whether the Packers should shut Rodgers down whether they stay in the playoff race or not. Clearly, this Packers team has too many holes to make any sort of playoff run even if they do sneak in.

Is getting into the playoffs and losing a wild card game really that much better than just not making it at all?