Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz

The Detroit Lions were eliminated from the playoffs on Sunday. Some of their fans got their playoff tickets in the mail on Tuesday anyway.

We’d laugh real hard, but some Green Bay Packers fans are probably getting their playoff tickets right about now too.

And that’s obviously going to be a waste of money.

Like the Packers, the Lions make their fans pay for playoff tickets up front. And you’re paying for them before you know whether the team is going to be in the playoffs or not, in most cases.

My old man got season tickets this year after 36 years on the waiting list. He got a notice in the mail about a month ago asking him to buy playoff tickets — three games.

So if you want Packers’ playoff tickets as a season ticket holder, you’re paying for three games’ worth. Because the shit birds in the organization need your money. Even though this Packers team is going nowhere near the NFC championship game.

And even if they did, it obviously wouldn’t be held in Green Bay. The Packers organization doesn’t care about that, though.

And do they give that money back to you if the Packers don’t make the playoffs or don’t have three home games?


They give you a credit on the money that you’re going to throw at them in the future.